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Campaign Research + Strategy

Campaign Research + Strategy is a full-service political consulting group that has secured a 85-percent win ratio for our clients since we opened our doors in 2002.

Specializing in strategic campaign planning and execution, the strength of CR+S lies in its ability to measure public opinion through superior use of telecommunications and using effective and persuasive messaging that nets positive results for our clients.

Our successes have changed the look of city councils, county councils and Legislative bodies across the country. We are particularly proud of our record in electing more women to office, guiding minority candidates to victory in majority-white districts, helping incumbents with tough elections and securing "pick-up" seats.

Although the majority of our clients come from a political nature, we have a number of commercial clients who enjoy the same type of success. Such examples of programs include those designed to test such areas as product awareness, customer satisfaction, market profiling and more.