Campaign Research + Strategy

Targeted Results

Telephone services

  • Voter ID

Identify client favorable, undecided and unfavorable voters for follow-up actions.

  • Persuasive ID Phones

Introduce, Advocate and Identify client favorables, undecided and unfavorable voters for follow-up actions.

  • Get Out the Vote Phones

Activate, Energize and Motivate clients favorables to get out and vote on Election Day.

  • Automated Phones

Deliver important information, Invite people to events, Advocate or endorse, Thank You and Reminder calls delivered to target bases of voters.

  • Benchmark Polling

Examine, measure and analyze voter moods, trends and actions of target bases by scientifically-administered polling.

  • Tracking Polls

Follow progress of campaign by measuring public opinion either periodically or randomly throughout course of campaign.

  • Rapid Response Polls

Quick, overnight and brief polling that can instantly take public opinion readings which guide appropriate follow-up actions.

  • Qualitative Research

Unlike quantitative research like benchmark polling, smaller sample sizes are helpful in specialized cases of study, as well as message and product testing.

  • Attendance Building

Build up attendance at your event with live person-to-person calling, automated phoning or call-in phoning services that are available.

  • Constituent Service Phones

Deliver important information, Improve constituent awareness on policy changes or special events, Gauge problem areas, among many other potential options.

    Data services

    • Targeting

    Identifying likely voters is critical to any election. We have assisted numerous campaigns in finding those voters and producing databases that are excellent target bases.

    • Walking Lists

    We have helped a great number of clients in producing walking lists for you and your supporters to go door-to-door with, spread your message, and secure votes that are needed.

      Campaign services

      • Direct Mail

      Providing all your Design, Printing and Postage needs to communicate information about you and your campaign, as well as your platform and message.

      • Palm Card

      Providing all your design and printing needs for palm cards. These cards are used to introduce yourself to potential voters and build excitement for your campaign.

      • Strategy Development

      From the moment you decide to run for office to when votes are cast and beyond, we have helped many clients with developing and executing strategies that produce votes and secure BIG wins.

      • Branding

      Developing campaign logos, themes, slogans and more are often critical to a campaign. We have helped many different clients in developing the branding that works for them.

        Commercial services

        • Market Research

        We have helped many commercial and for-profit ventures in the research that's necessary when opening new locations, identifying target bases and introducing new products and/or services.

        • Branding & Identity Development

        Developing an identity and a brand is critical to ANY business. We have helped many in building awareness, developing logos, and niche markets to ensure commercial prosperity.